The adventures of building a brewery

It doesn’t feel so long ago when we secured funding, organised loans, marked out foundations and started digging around in a waste bit of land on our site at Davidston, Cromarty. It took many long nights and hard days but a shed was eventually constructed, walls were built, floors lay, painted, plumbed, wired and then most importantly, fully loaded with shiny Bavarian Brewery Tech equipment.

We were landscapers, steel erectors, brick layers, pipe fitters, joiners, decorators, brewery installers, steam engineers, and fabricators.

After getting everything installed and working the first test batches were run through the system and left to mature. Next came sales which proved tricky, especially for a 24 year old “new kid on the block” with no actual product or reputation to sell… However after much perseverance the first brew rolled out the door on the 19th December 2011 – Happy Chappy was born! Things started to pick up over the next coming months with the launch of more beers, some press action, a growing reputation, bottle production and events kicking off here and there. We have gone from only producing 3 brews a month in December to our full capacity of 7 brews in July.

We are now brewers, salesmen, cleaners, bottlers, accountants, delivery drivers and engineers.