Wild Bush

Foraged Saison made with local hand picked Gorse flowers and barrel aged in Chardonnay wine barrels for 14 months.

Two years may seem like a long time, 700 odd days may seem even longer and 17,000 or so hours may be obscene but that’s about how long it’s been since we first released our foraged saison – Wild Bush. It was a beautiful sunny 2014 week in northern Scotland, Gorse flower was in bloom and what better idea than to pick some to brew with. I mean who hasn’t walked past a gorse bush and thought what a lovely smell! A saison, being farmhouse ale traditionally made with what was in season was the perfect fit for the style and the subtle addition of Sorrachi ace hops really emphasised the gorse flowers awesome flavours.

Barrel Aged Wild Bush - Foraged Gorse Flower Saison

The original batch was split; some was bottled, some kegged, and even a cask was filled – most of which has been enjoyed by you guys already. There was however some more, which we filled into some amazingly fresh Chardonnay wine barrels. These were tucked away and stored for a full 14 months to allow the flavours to marry and intertwine. The resulting beer has a beautiful oak note to it like a finely aged wine with the coconut flavours of the gorse flowers complementing the Chardonnay undertones. This was finally packaged towards the end of 2015, where a couple of extremely rare kegs were used at various festivals. The rest we bottled up into individually numbered bottles, all 650 of them.

These bottles can be purchased from our brewery shop at HQ or on our online shop.