Our Brews

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Our Process

Our brewery is of a bespoke design which was built for us by the stunning Bavarian Brewery Technologies.

The 16hl (a hl being 100 litres) steam brewhouse is made up of three separate vessels; Mash/lauter tun, brew kettle, and a hopback. In addition to this we have a 25hl Cold liquor tank, a 32hl Hot liquor tank, 200hl of fermentation and maturation space, and three 16hl brite beer tanks.

Our process
The process of brewing awesome craft beer

Now for the geeky bit, the process of brewing awesome craft beer. Raw materials such as barley, hops, wheat, coffee, oats, etc are all grown by quality producers who are as enthusiastic as us about our jobs. We love you guys for bringing us the best raw materials for us to use in making quality craft beer.