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Water & Malt

In the brewing process water is known as liquor. We are very lucky with the liquor we use in our brewing process as it is very soft, meaning it has a low mineral content. This gives us a blank canvas to work from as we are able to add natural salts to it depending on the style of beer we are brewing.

Fresh malts used in all our beer
Fresh malts used in all our beer

The raw grains are taken in by maltsters who turn them from a product which would be extremely hard to process in the brewery to an excellent source of fermentable sugars, flavours, and aromas. During the malting process the grains are steeped in aerated water periodically to promote growth (germinate) which usually takes several days. When the grains sprout (known as chitting in the industry) they are known as green malt and ready to be kilned. The temperature and duration of the kilning is dictated depending of the malt being produced, i.e. pale malts are not killed as high or long as crystal or chocolate malts. Once the malt is deemed ready it is stored until required for use. Our malt is taken into the brewery in a milled/crushed format which allows us to utilise the grains more efficiently. The aim of the milling process is to crush the starchy endosperm in the kernel whilst maintaining the integrity of the husk as it acts as a natural filter in the lautering process.