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Frequently asked questions

Where can i buy your beer?

We have many stockists which change all the time – the best solution would be to either check out our online shop, tweet us or facebook us.

How much does postage cost?

Please see Delivery page to find out about our courier charges

Do you do brewery tours?

Yes! Please visit our tasting tours page for more info on these.

Can I buy beer from the brewery?

Yes indeed you can! We have a dedicated brewery shop on site here at the brewery so you can absorb the whole atmosphere. Please look at our brewery shop page for more info on opening times and special offers.

Can I sell/distribute your beers?

Of course! We’re always on the lookout for new stockists… Whether you own a pub, a shop or are looking for craft beer for an event, feel free to contact us;

Please contact us on 01381 600 440 or email enquiries@cromartybrewing.com

Do you supply cask or keg beers for private parties / weddings etc?

We are happy to supply small orders of Cask or Keg beers for weddings and other private parties. Please give us a ring or drop us an email for pricing and more info.

Do you do a hop / gluten / wheat free / alcohol-free beer?

Unfortunately we do not.

Can I have some labels / crown caps for my collection?

Of course, please send a self-addressed and postage paid envelope to us and we will return to you.